Conceptual Design for Student Housing

The architectural style for this concept is a hybrid between a townhouse and a traditional dorm design. This scheme has a central corridor or spine. Benefits to this layout:

Ransom Beach Comfort Station, Bayville, NY
Town of Oyster Bay

The objective of the project was to demolish the existing maintenance garage and bathhouses and construct a new building that houses rest rooms, a first aid room, janitor's closet, and an office for beach personnel. The new facility is a Shingle style structure with a gambrel roof and incorporates a breezeway to both welcome patrons to the beach and to provide shelter in bad weather. the aesthetic is in keeping with the community's desire to significantly improve the quality of the Village's west end. Construction included new water service with backflow preventer, new drywell for roof drainage, re-use existing septic leaching field, and new electrical and communications service. Site improvements included concrete walks, pedestrian ramps, fence gate, landscaping and site furnishings. Construction value was $700,00.

Haypath Community Center, Old Bethpage, NY
Town of Oyster Bay

The objective of the project was to provide the community with a new 1,800 square foot community center in an existing Town Park. The building included a large community space with a small kitchen, office, utility room, toilets for interior use, a toilet for exterior access from the park, and storage. We sited the building to create a large, sunlit brick patio on its southern exposure, and to provide easy access for seniors in this generally hilly site.  Construction included site grading, walkways, patio, drainage, water/RPZ, sanitary sewer, cable, telephone, and parking field lighting.  Our services included survey, site and utility design, project management, coordination and scheduling for four prime contracts, construction inspection, and construction management for this Wicks' Law project.  The estimated cost was $600,000.

St Paul's Recreational Facility, Garden City, NY
Village of Garden City
The new athletic complex at the former St. Paul’s School, which serves up to 1,500 children on any given weekend, includes soccer and lacrosse fields, a baseball field, a little league/softball field, a passive park area with walking trail, a parking lot for 200 cars, playgrounds for pre-school and elementary school children, and a new park building in the center of the facility which includes men's and women's restrooms, a storage area, 300 square foot roofed space that provides shelter and vending machines. Services included topo and utility surveys, construction documents, permitting, submittal review, respond to RFI's, project management, consulting to the client on phasing of  construction to meet their budget constraints and priorities for implementation.
  Beaver Dam Skate Club Locker Rooms, Locust Valley, NY
Beaver Dam Winter Sports Club
Beaver Dam Winter Sports Club is a private ice skating facility that includes two full size ice rinks, a small rink, a club house and a locker room facility that supports the easterly ice rink. The project objective was to build a new locker room and maintenance garage to support the westerly ice rink.


Garden City Community Park Pool Redevelopment, Garden City, NY

Village of Garden City
The first phase of this multi-phased program was to upgrade the swimming facility including a new 2,500 square foot wading pool, a complete renovation of the main pool, and to provide more shade on the pool deck. To limit sun exposure we chose to design custom sun shelters that reflected the architecture of the existing buildings. We used a simple wood framed structure with a peaked roof design and gables to break up the horizontal lines. Columns were boxed out and decorated with lattice work. A trellis of similar architecture was erected as the passage between the wading pool and swimming pool areas.


Bethpage Park Pool Filter Building, Bethpage, NY

Town of Oyster Bay
The objective of the project was to replace the filtration and treatment plant for this public swimming facility with a 700,000 gallon swimming pool and a 15,000 gallon wading pool. Using an innovative design approach, de Bruin converted existing concrete filter tanks into the foundation for a new filter building, saving time and money on this fast track project. The new facility is an attractive masonry building housing two sets of pumps, filtering and treatment equipment - one for each pool. An unheated space in the building holds twin 1,200 gallon sodium hypochlorite tanks in a concrete secondary containment vault.

Marjorie Post Park Pool Filter Building, Massapequa , NY

Town of Oyster Bay
Designed the renovation of the one story filter building with a basement constructed of steel plates that housed the mechanical equipment for the pools. The filters were in below grade steel plate tanks that formed wings off of the basement space. The existing building superstructure was demolished and the footprint of the new building was driven by the layout of the pool piping and pumping equipment in the lower level. New stairs provides access to the lower level and the first floor was partitioned into a chemical storage room and control room/office.

Lake Avenue Maintenance Garage, Oyster Bay, NY

Town of Oyster Bay
The existing garage had inadequate capacity for the Town's needs. The project called for extending the existing steel pr-fabricated building 40' to accommodate two new work bays. The project was complicated by difficult soil conditions that required pile foundations that can be installed without disturbing the existing building, site grading, and close proximity of the work to a regulated wetland. Our work included designing helical pile foundations, drainage to protect the wetland, and obtaining permits for construction from the NYSDEC.

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